Finnish Symphonic Wind Professionals.
Finnish Symphonic Wind Professionals (FSWP), founded 2014, is a symphonic wind orchestra conducted by Anna-Leena Lumme and Marjo Riihimäki. The orchestra consists of music teachers, conductors and other professionals who share the passion for playing wind music on professional level.

The orchestra is practicing and performing around Finland in periods regularly. Finnish Symphonic Wind Professionals offer their musicians a high level, challenging program including pieces composed for symphonic wind orchestra.

Their first album, Airborne, was released in the spring 2022. It includes the title track composed by Rolf Gustavson and Concerto for Tuba by Jukka Linkola with the soloist Harri Miettunen.

FSWP has performed with internationally known soloists as Adam Rapa (trumpet) and Kai Ruskeepää (saxophone). In addition to classical program, the orchestra plays concerts for example with the jazztrumpetist Tero Lindberg. The co-operation with the Helsinki Saxophone Orchestra has been unique: it allows us to perform composings for symphonic orchestra using the saxophones as our string section.

The orchestra is practicing and performing around Finland in periods two or three times a year. Usually the partner with the concert periods is a local music institution or a youth band. The aim of the joint concerts is to offer the young music students an opportunity to listen professional wind band on live and to give the students a chance to perform with professionals in full wind orchestra within a piece or two.

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